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"My family has had the privilege of knowing the best immigration attorney in California. She will not only do the minimum to get your case processed, she will strive to get it approved. If you're looking for an honest, dependable, hardworking, organized, GETTING-IT-DONE immigration lawyer, Brigit Alvarez is that lawyer. We love her for what she's done for our family."

--Raquel A.

"Brigit is very professional. She talked to me since the beginning of all of the possibilities of my case, even the worst case scenario. She never tried to talk to me about false possibilities. She is also very organized. All of my paperwork was well done, done on time, and properly. She's also a very reachable person, in that she is always there to answer any questions or concerns. All I have to say is that because of her professional work I'm back in the U.S. with the ones I love. Thank you Brigit."

-- Cindy R.

"I would like to thank Brigit for making this experience very easy going. My husband was detained throughout his case and being a mother of two was not easy, in addition to dealing with everyday life. I was glad to have Brigit as our attorney and defending not only my husband but our family as a unit. Brigit is a person you can trust and believe in."

-- Daisy G.
All stories and photographs are shared with express permission of the former clients. These anecdotes are examples of successful case outcomes and do not constitute legal advice nor guarantee results in future matters. Immigration law including case law, statutes and regulations change daily and these examples do not substitute for a consultation with Attorney Alvarez.

Todas las historias arriba mencionadas y las fotografías son compartidas con permiso expreso de los clientes anteriores. Estas anécdotas son ejemplos de resultados exitosos de casos y no constituyen asesoramiento jurídico ni una garantía tiene como resultado futuros asuntos. La ley inmigratoria inclusive la ley de caso, los estatutos y las regulaciones cambian al diário y estos ejemplos no sustituyen para una consulta con la Abogada Alvarez.

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If you would like to make an appointment by telephone or in person with Attorney Alvarez, please fill out the following information below. There is no charge for the initial consultation. Please have any and all paperwork regarding criminal arrests or convictions, and/or any document regarding your immigration case available during your consultation.

An assistant will call you to schedule a consultation within 24 hours of your inquiry.

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Si usted querría concertar una cita por teléfono o en persona con la Abogada Alvarez, llene por favor la información siguiente abajo. No cobra para la consulta inicial. Tenga por favor cualquier y todo papeleo con respecto a arrestos o antecedentes criminales, y/o cualquier documento con respecto a su caso de inmigración disponible durante su consulta.

Un asistente le llamará a planificar una consulta dentro de 24 horas de su indagación.
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